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Entry No.29 Chattori Rehast SYANTO Style

Entry No.29 Chattori Rehast SYANTO Style

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Feature comparison

Product spec

product name
SYANTO Stand Lite
Product details
Smartphone stand/ring
product size
Length 70(mm) x Width 60(mm) x Thickness 5(mm)
product weight
Approximately 12g
Badge section: transparent urethane resin

Seat base: Genuine leather, vinyl chloride + polyester fiber

tear strength

Vertical 239N Horizontal 195N JISL1096A method

Seat base: approx. 0.6mm
Adhesive material

Adsorption type removable tape

*Since it is an adsorption type, it may not adsorb if the adhesive surface is uneven.

installation method

SYANTO はカバーに挟んで取り付ける商品となっております。



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shipping method

Japan Post standard mail, post mail


nationwide free

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character name


A bird that likes to chat
The color and coat quality change depending on what the owner says and what they say.
Favorite food is "balloon"
Chattori: SYANTO Ninatte-kun two together, Ilonna place two lines!”

creator name


Physical therapist rehearsal

I draw medical-related daily manga and explanatory manga on Instagram.

My dream is to work on illustrations for medical magazines and books, mini-manga, etc.

By the way, the name comes from rehabilitation x illustration.

Creator details

detail of function

This product has the same specifications as "SYANTO Stand Lite".

"Future smartphone operation is here."

Please refer to the following for details of the innovative smartphone ring with the catchphrase.

Product Details