Approaching the thoughts and charms of SYANTO! Revolutionize the smartphone ring!

Convenient SYANTO

SYANTO is the bottom ring

The back ring is already old! The bottom ring transforms your smartphone

Brand "Do2W"

Our daily activities, which are part of our lives, are undergoing major changes with the evolution of civilization and the advent of IT.

In recent years, people have been doing the same postures and movements for long periods of time, which has caused a lot of discomfort.

We have developed a product that supports movement improvement based on "dual movement theory" that we independently researched in order to improve the movement that produces biased discomfort as much as possible.

We named it "Do2W" with our thoughts on the brand.

★ What is “dual dynamics”?

We believe that all daily movements follow the law of "1 motion 2 ways" .

Run Smartphone PC Walk

(↓ A table with photos that compares two specific actions)

Thinking that there is a law "1 motion 2 way" like a photograph,
Always select two actions and move

Select and move Do
two actions 2w

I chose "Do2W" as the logo for selecting the action.

★Thoughts of the developer

The developer and movement researcher, Kaiya, established his own theory of dual movement theory based on his own sports experience, acupuncture and moxibustion treatments, injuries, and aging.

And in modern times, we have seen that many people are suffering from a lot of ailments due to long-term use of computers and smartphones.

If we can provide a product that can improve and support the movement of personal computers and smartphones, we believe that it will be useful to many people, so we are researching and developing a method that leads to how to move the back using the little finger, thinking from binary movement theory.

Do2W-SYANTO series

With the advent of the digital society, people have acquired various devices, carried them to various places, and used them.

As a result, most of the day is spent with digital devices, and health problems such as asthenopia, straight neck (smartphone neck), device tendonitis, etc. I'm here.

The Syanto series is an item that supports motion improvement based on dual motion theory. We will develop various items to provide the value of health + α.

Features of the Do2W-SYANTO series

★ It is a world patent that feels light.

By supporting the smartphone on the bottom, the weight of the smartphone is distributed and it feels light.

Please experience it.

If you hold it on the bottom without gripping it, the weight will be distributed and your smartphone will feel light. You can easily hold a tablet.

How to use the Do2W-Syanto series

★ 93% of people have smartphones

About 93% of the surveys asking how to use "SYANTO" answered that they now carry a smartphone on top of them.

In this video, you can see that you can carry not only a smartphone but also a tablet on it, so please take a look.

★ 73% of those who use it when taking out

73% of people used it by taking it out of their sakut pocket or bag.

The answer is that it is very convenient that there is a ring on the bottom, making it easy to take out.

In this video, you can see that the bottom ring makes it possible to take out the camera without missing a photo opportunity.

★ Fall prevention

Just put your finger through the sheet protruding from the bottom or pinch it and it won't drop anymore.

You can hold it even if you don't hold it , you won't drop it, and you can rest assured even if you run or get hit.

As you can see in this video, even a notebook-type smartphone case, which many people use as a cover, can be used without dropping it.

★ You can freely choose how to hold it!

You can flexibly choose how to hold it up and down, horizontally, according to various scenes.

In addition, since the smartphone is difficult to hold in the hands of small children, there is no need to hold it, so you can use it with peace of mind while reducing the burden on your wrist.

You can also freely change the way you hold large and unstable items such as e-readers and tablets.

★ You can hold the camera without shaking

Have you ever been worried that you have to hold it with one hand for taking selfies or playing games, but it is unstable and difficult to hold?

SANTO allows you to operate your smartphone or tablet stably even in scenes where you don't want blurring, such as when taking pictures or playing games.

★SYANTO badge can be used as a stand.

SYANTO's IO stand ring is a product that allows you to operate your smartphone stably with the motto "Stand up your posture and your smartphone".

Normally, smartphones must have their own stand, but you can stand your smartphone with just the IO stand ring.

It is truly a product that kills two birds with one stone.

★Thin and convenient

All types of SYANTO are made of thin sheets, so they fit various smartphones.
Also, other
  • can be charged wirelessly
  • Free combination with holder
  • become a car navigation system
  • built into a bicycle

Recently, it also supports large wireless charging like the iPhone MagSafe, so you can comfortably operate your smartphone while charging.

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