SYANTO Stand installation instructions

It can be installed with simple steps. For inquiries, please contact the official LINE at the bottom of the page.

  • 1. Peel off the cover sticker

  • 2. Peel off the sticker on the suction part

    It can be installed without removing it, but it will be more slippery.

  • 3. Roll up the suction part

    It is made of durable material, so don't worry about rolling it up.

  • 4. Insert into charging port

    Roll it up so that it is smaller than the hole.

  • 5. Spread it out with the suction part facing up.

    Attach a suction part to your smartphone to strengthen the sliding direction.

  • 6. Cover your smartphone

    Please adjust so that SYANTO does not shift.

  • 7. Install the horizontal seal

    Please note that the shape may differ. The purpose remains the same.

  • 8. Attach to both ends of the cover

    Please note that it may not be possible to attach depending on the material of the cover.

  • 9. Use horizontal stand

    Hang the badge part on the sticker to make it more stable.

Cover compatibility table_Internal attachment

  • Available
    • Smartphone: smooth back
    • Case: Shape: One or more holes in the charging port Material: Silicone, soft case
  • Usage prohibited:
    • Smartphone: Matte finish, textured back
    • Case: Shape: No charging port hole Material: Hard case


  • Please use it by placing it between your smartphone and the cover.
  • We cannot guarantee attachment to covers other than those listed below, so please check carefully. Please note that even if this is possible, the case may float due to the 0.6mm thick sheet being inserted.
  • We cannot take responsibility for damage or malfunction of smartphones that are dropped due to SYANTO.

If you don't do it, the effect will be halved!

Recommended way to hold it

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For inquiries regarding installation, etc., please feel free to contact us from the official LINE below.