SYANTO Catch O Detailed explanation

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An innovative smartphone gadget that fundamentally changes the way you hold your smartphone

SYANTO is an innovative smartphone attachment tool that fundamentally changes the way you hold your smartphone.
However, it is completely different from just a smartphone ring.

● Fall prevention: You can hold your smartphone naturally without using any force.
● Zero adhesive material: Will not stain or damage your smartphone
● Stand function: Equipped with stand function for vertical and horizontal installation. Wireless charging compatible

SYANTO has a design with a square stand ring connected to the bottom of the smartphone.
The main body is made of genuine leather and fits well in your hand, and by holding the square part between your fingers, you can naturally hold the smartphone without having to put pressure on your fingers . The connection part with the smartphone is made of thin leather material that allows for freedom of movement, greatly reducing the possibility of dropping the smartphone .

To install SYANTO, simply remove your smartphone case, pass it through the charging port, and attach it to your smartphone or case.
Since it is not an adhesive material but an adsorption material, it can be reapplied as many times as you like.

*Since the adsorption sheet may be difficult to attach, a conventional 3M adhesive sheet is also included. Even if you use adhesive tape, you can attach it to the back of the case instead of the smartphone itself, so you can attach it without staining the smartphone itself.

SYANTO's stand ring is also designed to be as thin as just 1mm , so it won't get in the way during everyday use. In addition, the surface is made of genuine leather and is soft, so it will not damage surrounding items.

Since SYANTO does not interfere with the back of the smartphone , it is compatible not only with general wireless charging but also with the "MagSafe charger" and "MagSafe compatible mobile battery" that were first used in Apple's iPhone 12 series.

SYANTO has a structure that supports the smartphone using the bottom as a fulcrum, which lowers the center of gravity and allows you to hold your smartphone in a more stable position.
As a result, the smartphone is easier to hold and feels lighter . This structure devised by SYANTO has a patent (No. 6467677).

Have you ever felt strain on your neck from using your smartphone for a long time? This may be because you are using your smartphone with your head bent and your head down.
SYANTO's bottom fulcrum stabilizes your smartphone, allowing you to hold your smartphone at a higher position. Raising your perspective will improve your posture, which will reduce the strain on your neck.

Of course, it also supports the stand function required for general smartphone rings. It also supports a horizontal stand (landscape mode), which is useful for watching videos. The main body is moderately hard, so it can firmly support the weight of your smartphone.