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  1. Put it on and hold it ---- Do not hold it! You can carry the tablet lightly because you carry it on the
  2. Posture and neck shunt ---- Hold with bottom support! Since the smartphone is standing, the posture is also shunt
  3. Genuine leather strap ---- Cowhide/sheep leather 2 types Comfortable fit

We offer a "bottom strap" made of genuine leather that shunts your posture and neck!

"Patent No. 6467677" International patent PCT application (PCT/jp2019/23788)

<Usage scene>

1. I won't drop it!

Just put your finger through the sheet protruding from the bottom or pinch it and it won't drop anymore.

2. You can hold it lightly!

If you hold it on the bottom without gripping it, the weight will be distributed and your smartphone will feel light. You can easily hold a tablet.

3. Stable horizontal holding!

Horizontal holding is stable. You can take beautiful pictures.

Please use it as a horizontal carrying strap that has never existed before.

4 . Quick take out

As there is a ring on the bottom, it is convenient to take out.

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Posture and neck shunt!

Reason 1: Screen angle

If the smartphone screen is horizontal, the angle of the neck will also tend to be horizontal.
When the angle of the screen stands, the posture rises and the neck is also shunt. The angle of the screen and the angle of the neck are proportional

Reason 2: Don't hold

If you hold and hold your smartphone, your posture will curl up.
If you put your smartphone on it, your posture and neck will be shunt.

Reason 3: Little finger

The little finger and the back are connected. Using your little finger makes it easier to shunt your posture and neck

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<There is no protrusion>

It is a sheet with a thickness of about 1.3 mm. There are no projections on the back, so you can freely combine them.

out of the way.

<Mounting method/mounting cover>

It is safe and does not come off because it is sandwiched between the main body and the cover.

<Large type installation>

It doesn't matter if you stick it on the case or on the main unit.

<3 port type mounting>

Please refer to the installation using two speaker ports such as Iphone.

<development color>