NYANTO Stand IO Type Detailed Description

Like a fluffy cat.
The ultimate smartphone stand ring that combines comfort and convenience

Do you think all smartphone rings have the same design? Introducing a completely new smartphone stand ring that overturns common sense. Its name is "NYANTO"

NYANTO is a spin-off product that retains the functionality of ``SYANTO,'' which reinvented the smartphone ring (feeling light on the bottom fulcrum, allowing you to use your pinky finger to raise your posture), but with a new appearance.

It looks like a curled up cat or small animal. However, it is actually a revolutionary tool packed with useful functionality.

We will explain each tool one by one, introducing NYANTO's unique functionality.

Fluffy and cute! But that's not all

"NYANTO" is a revolutionary tool derived from "SYANTO" that changes the way you hold your smartphone. The square stand ring is made of genuine leather and fits well in your hand, and by holding it between your fingers, you can naturally hold the smartphone without having to put pressure on your fingers.

This time, in addition to the functionality of the previous model, we have added polyester fur. It doesn't look like a smartphone ring at first glance, so it's recommended for people who have avoided smartphone rings in the past.

NYANTO uses the bottom of the smartphone as a fulcrum to support the smartphone, which lowers the center of gravity, stabilizes the balance of the smartphone, and improves operability. Of course, just like traditional smartphone rings, it also greatly reduces the risk of your smartphone falling.

“Tase” reinvents the smartphone ring

When you hold a smartphone, you inevitably end up holding it by putting a lot of pressure into your hand. Today's smartphones are becoming larger and heavier, making them harder to hold and requiring more force in your hand to hold them steady.

After much trial and error to solve this problem, NYANTO came up with a completely new way to hold a smartphone by supporting the weight of the smartphone using the ``bottom fulcrum'' and allowing the smartphone to be held in the hand without having to hold it.

This reduces the strain on your wrists and neck, and helps you maintain a natural posture even with smartphones that are getting bigger and heavier. NYANTO has obtained a patent*1 for this unique mechanism.

It's hard to notice the strain on your body depending on how you hold your smartphone, but if you actually use it, you'll notice a big difference.

*1 Patent No. 6467677

This presence keeps you from losing sight of your smartphone

You probably use your smartphone every day, but sometimes you find yourself wondering, "Where's my smartphone?" NYANTO, which looks like a stylish fur charm, has a big impact. The voluminous design makes it easy to find your smartphone!

Even if you put it in your backpack, you can easily find its location, so you can take it out instantly. It weighs only 30g, so you don't have to worry about the weight.

Fur is made of polyester fiber. It has a fluffy feel that makes you want to touch it.

Also functions as a smartphone stand

NYANTO comes with a stand function (vertical/horizontal) that is useful for everyday use.

By placing it on a table and adjusting the angle of the stand ring, it can stand on its own either vertically or horizontally, which is useful when multitasking or when your hands are full.

Keep your posture upright to avoid straining your neck and wrists

Have you ever felt strain on your neck from using your smartphone for a long time? This may be because you are using your smartphone with your head bent and your head down.

An adult's head weighs approximately 4 to 6 kg, and it is said that just by looking down, a load several times the weight of the head is placed on the neck. The strain is not only placed on the neck, but also on the muscles of the shoulders and back, which can lead to fatigue in the entire neck and shoulders.

That's why you need to consciously lift your smartphone and look at it from a higher perspective; however, the higher the perspective, the more unstable your smartphone will become, and the more likely you are to drop it.

SYANTO's bottom fulcrum stabilizes your smartphone, allowing you to hold your smartphone at a higher position. Raising your perspective will improve your posture, which will reduce the strain on your neck.

Extremely thin material yet strong enough

In order to prevent your smartphone from being dropped, the smartphone ring must also be strong. The main body sheet of "SYANTO V-ring" is extremely thin at 0.4mm, but it does not sacrifice strength.

The mounting base sheet uses a high-strength sheet made of polyfiber + PVC to ensure ultra-thinness and high strength.In addition, genuine sheep leather is used for the ring part to ensure a soft touch and strong strength. This is a product that we are proud of, ensuring ease of use.

*The adsorption tape is 0.4mm and the adhesive base is ≒ 0.8mm.

In addition to its strength against weight, we have also increased its " tear strength " in consideration of various usage environments. The sheet will not tear even if you tear it partially with scissors and apply weight to it.

* Please do not imitate the carry bag (approximately 15 kg), etc., as it is a tear test environment.

*This image is of the SYANTO Ring V type, but NYANTO also uses the same material.

Wireless charging, compatible with iPhone MagSafe

Since SYANTO does not interfere with the back of the smartphone, it is compatible not only with general wireless charging but also with the "MagSafe charger" and "MagSafe compatible mobile battery" that were first used in Apple's iPhone 12 series.

*We performed installation verification and charging verification using wireless charging/MagSafe mobile battery, but there were no particular problems as the back is flat and there are no protrusions.

Easy installation that can be reapplied as many times as you like

No matter how strong it is, there is no point if the main body comes off from the smartphone. ``SYANTO Ring V Type'' solves this problem with a completely new installation method that utilizes a smartphone case.

To install, simply remove your smartphone case, pass it through the charging port, and attach it to your smartphone or case. Also, since it uses adsorption material instead of adhesive material, you can reapply it as many times as you like without getting your smartphone dirty .

* Even if the suction surface has dust or dirt attached to it, the suction can be restored by washing with water.

In addition, the leather material that connects to your smartphone is made of an ultra-thin 0.4mm material, so you won't feel any bulge when you hold your smartphone. You will need to use it with a smartphone case to install it, but it is compatible with most cases on the market. There is no interference with the charging cable, so you can use your smartphone as usual.

Street corner interview: We actually used NYANTO