Nyanto specs

product name
Product details
Smartphone stand/ring
product size
Base: Length 166(mm) x Width 45(mm) x Thickness 5(mm)
Fur: ​​100(mm) x 100(mm) x 100(mm)
product weight
about 30g
Ring part: Cowhide (black)
Fur: ​​brown fake fur (eco-fur) (polyester)
Seat base: vinyl chloride + polyester fiber
tear strength

Vertical 239N Horizontal 195N JISL1096A method

Seat base part: about 0.4mm
Adhesive material

Adsorption type removable tape

* Since it is an adsorption type, it may not be adsorbed if there are unevenness on the adhesive surface.

Fabric faux fur construction made to resemble natural fur using synthetic fibres.

faux fur

faux fur
*Actually, the hair is denser. Illustrations are simplified to make the structure easier to understand.

The basic structure of faux fur is actually similar to terry cloth, velor material and corduroy.
The structure of the base fabric is pile weave or pile knitting , and the loop pile is cut open and raised to make it look like fur. In addition, the cut pile thread is divided into long and short sections to imitate the feel of stabbed hair and fluff, and the dyed and printed color schemes are changed to adopt fur that resembles the fur of various animals.