SYANTO Ring V detailed explanation

I no longer hold my smartphone. Reinventing the smartphone ring
A smartphone ring that frees you from all gravity

Do you use your smartphone for a long time and feel strain on your hands and neck, or do you feel that your smartphone is heavy? Are you worried about dropping your smartphone and breaking it? SYANTO, a smartphone gadget handrail, was created to solve such anxiety and stress.

The material of the conventional SYANTO Ring V type has been changed to create a thinner and stronger model.

We will explain in detail the unique functionality of SYANTO, including improvements.

“Tase” reinvents the smartphone ring

When you hold a smartphone, you tend to hold it with a lot of force in your hand. Today's smartphones are becoming larger and heavier, making them harder to hold and requiring more force in your hand to hold them steady.

After much trial and error to solve this problem, SYANTO came up with a completely new way to hold a smartphone, by holding it in your hand instead of holding it. Since you can hold your smartphone without holding it, the strain on your wrists and neck will be reduced, and your posture will naturally improve.

Also, unlike conventional smartphone rings, SYANTO uses a "bottom fulcrum" that supports the smartphone on the bottom. This lowers the center of gravity of your smartphone, allowing it to be supported more stably.

It's hard to notice the strain on your body depending on how you hold your smartphone, but when you actually use it, you'll notice a big difference.

Stand up and stretch to avoid straining your neck and wrists.

Have you ever felt strain on your neck from using your smartphone for a long time? This may be because you are using your smartphone with your head bent and your head down.

An adult's head weighs approximately 4 to 6 kg, and it is said that just by looking down, a load several times the weight of the head is placed on the neck. The strain is not only placed on the neck, but also on the muscles of the shoulders and back, which can lead to physical problems such as neck pain and numbness. That's why you need to consciously lift your smartphone and look at it from a higher perspective; however, the higher the perspective, the more unstable your smartphone will become, and the more likely you are to drop it.

SYANTO's bottom fulcrum stabilizes your smartphone, allowing you to hold your smartphone at a higher position. Raising your perspective will improve your posture, which will reduce the strain on your neck.

Your smartphone feels lighter! Patented technology

Have you ever felt that a smartphone that is thinner and easier to hold is lighter than a smartphone of the same weight? This is because the `` perceived weight '' becomes lighter by changing the position of the center of gravity.

SYANTO has a structure that supports the smartphone using the bottom as a fulcrum, which lowers the center of gravity and allows you to hold your smartphone in a more stable position. As a result, the smartphone is easier to hold and feels lighter. This structure, which was originally devised by SYANTO, has been patented*1.

*1 Patent No. 6467677

SYANTO is also a useful tool for children and people with small hands. In addition, by attaching SYANTO to not only smartphones but also large tablet devices, you can easily operate them with one hand.

Additionally, by using SYANTO, you can support your tablet in a new way with your arm.

Simple and unobtrusive design

A major feature of the SYANTO V-ring is its minimalist design that eliminates waste .

SYANTO is different from general smartphone rings in that the ring extends from the "bottom of the smartphone" rather than the "back" of the smartphone. By intentionally not creating a ring on the back, the smartphone does not become thick and does not wobble even when placed on a table.

It also prevents your smartphone from getting caught unintentionally when you put it in and take it out of your pocket. The shape is visually inconspicuous, so you can easily forget that it is attached.

In terms of its ``inconspicuous design,'' we can also recommend it to people who have been shying away from it because ``I don't want to drop my smartphone, but I don't want a smartphone ring.''

High strength despite being extremely thin at 0.4mm

In order to prevent your smartphone from being dropped, the smartphone ring must also be strong. The main body sheet of "SYANTO V-ring" is extremely thin at 0.4mm, but it does not sacrifice strength.

The mounting base sheet uses a high-strength polyfiber + PVC sheet to ensure ultra-thinness and high strength.The ring part uses genuine sheep leather to ensure a soft touch and strong strength. This is a product that we are proud of, ensuring ease of use.

*The adsorption tape is 0.4mm and the adhesive base is ≒0.8mm.

In addition to its strength against weight, we have also increased its " tear strength " in consideration of various usage environments. The sheet will not tear even if you tear it partially with scissors and apply weight to it.

*Please do not imitate the carry bag (approximately 15 kg) as it is based on the tearing test environment.

Compatible with MagSafe for iPhone 13 and later

Since SYANTO does not interfere with the back of the smartphone, it is compatible not only with general wireless charging but also with the "MagSafe charger" and "MagSafe compatible mobile battery" that were first used in Apple's iPhone 12 series.

*We performed installation verification and charging verification using wireless charging/Magsafe mobile battery, but there were no particular problems as the back is flat and there are no protrusions.

As a tool to store your smartphone on the wall

Many people leave their smartphones charging while they sleep, but do you know that the heat generated by the device can cause a fire risk, or the risk of electric shock if the cable gets damaged? Is not it? If you use SYANTO, you can easily take measures against this problem by attaching a hook to the wall and hanging your smartphone on the wall.

Also, for those who often lose their smartphones, having a fixed location that makes it easy to see will make it easier to find your smartphone.

When you want to free your hands for just a moment

Although we spend a lot of time holding our smartphones in our hands, there are times when we just want to free up our hands for a moment, such as when paying at the register. SYANTO can also be used in such cases. It may seem like a small thing, but you'll notice that you have more freedom in your daily life.

Easy installation. Can be reattached neatly

No matter how strong it is, there is no point if the main body comes off from the smartphone. ``SYANTO V-ring'' solves this problem with a completely new installation method that utilizes a smartphone case.

To install it, simply remove your smartphone case, pass it through the charging port, and stick it on your smartphone or case. In addition, since it uses a suction type without using adhesive, you can reapply it without staining your smartphone .

*Even if dust or dirt adheres to the suction surface, the suction will be restored by washing with water.

*1 Once it is attached to your smartphone, you can make it strong enough by sandwiching it with a smartphone case from above.

Compatible with most smartphone cases

SYANTO V-ring is compatible with various types of smartphone cases. You can also choose how to attach it according to the shape of your smartphone case. It can be attached not only to the charging port but also to the speaker port.

Also, since it is a thin material, it will not interfere with the charging cable. You can use your smartphone as usual.