SYANTO Stand Lite Detailed explanation

The future of smartphone operation is here.
The definitive edition of the series that pursues the smartphone stand function.

SYANTO is a smartphone stand with a completely new design . Thanks to you, the series has a cumulative sales record of over 35 million yen and is used by over 11,000 people.

This time we would like to introduce the SYANTO Stand Lite , which is lightweight, durable, easy to install, and has enhanced stand functionality. ``SYANTO Stand lite'' is the latest product that retains the functionality inherited from the previous ``SYANTO Stand'' series, while reducing the weight of the main unit. The material of the stand part has been changed from conventional material to urethane material, making it scratch resistant, stain resistant, and waterproof.

In particular, this time, we have realized a new concept "2-way stand" as a unique feature of SYANTO, which can be used as a stand function when using both the IN camera (on the screen side) and the OUT camera (on the back side). In addition to the previous ``stand for viewing'' function, it can also be used in a variety of situations, such as when traveling or live streaming .

In addition, with the previous model SYANTO, ``fuzzing'' at the connection part became noticeable after long-term use , but by changing to a more durable material, we succeeded in preventing this fuzzing . It can be used for a long time without losing its appearance. We have received many requests for improvement on this point from SYANTO users, and we are finally able to respond to your requests.

To use SYANTO, simply attach SYANTO to your smartphone and attach your smartphone case from above . It can be attached to any smartphone, regardless of its model.

Instantly place vertically or horizontally! Increase work efficiency with "0 second stand"

Although we spend most of our time holding our smartphones in our hands, there are many situations where we want to keep them on our desks. With SYANTO, you can instantly place your smartphone while maintaining the optimal angle . If it's vertical, you can hold it in your hand and set it down, so you don't even need to adjust the stand.

To shift from vertical to horizontal orientation, simply hold the stand and move your smartphone. You can use it as a stand intuitively without any difficult operations .

[Watch/Photo] 2WAY stand

A smartphone stand is used to view your smartphone, but you can also use the SYANTO stand to take pictures with your smartphone. If you bring the stand to the back of your smartphone, you can use it as a viewing stand, and if you bring it toward the screen, you can use it as a photography stand. By switching between IN camera and OUT camera, the ``stand for taking photos'' is useful as a stand for selfies, group photos, and photography.

Instantly and stably lift your smartphone

Of course, you can also instantly pick up your smartphone from where you left it. You can hold it stably by holding the stand between your fingers. Also, when you take your smartphone out of your pocket, you can do it smoothly and safely.

Compatible with the trendy "shoulder bag"

Recently, the `` strap style '' where you attach a strap to your smartphone and wear it directly around your neck has become popular. You can attach a shoulder strap to the ring part of SYANTO Stand Lite, so you won't waste your existing strap.

What's more, even if you attach a strap, you don't have to worry about damaging the stand function, which is a feature of this time. You can remove it from your neck and use it as a stand.

A new type of stand that follows the movement of your fingers.

The stand part not only stands up your smartphone, but also functions as a tool that can be held between your fingers to make it easier to hold your smartphone. By deliberately not fixing the stand completely, it is designed to follow the movement of the user's fingers.

Since it does not restrict the movement of your fingers, you have a high degree of freedom of movement, and you can smoothly transition from portrait to landscape orientation while still holding it.

There is no “correct way” to hold SYANTO.

The reason why SYANTO has a new feel is that you have a lot of freedom in how you hold it. There is no so-called "correct way to hold it," so it's OK if you hold it in a way that's comfortable for you .

However, I want to know how to hold SYANTO that suits me!
If so, you can decide how to hold SYANTO depending on your purpose for using it.

・People who never want to drop their smartphone : Put your finger in the ring
・People who want to quickly put in and take out their smartphone : Do not put your finger in the ring, but pinch the stand.
・People who want to multitask while holding a smartphone : Hang the smartphone on your finger while holding the stand

If you get tired of holding your smartphone, you can hold it like this for a change of pace.

If there is no ``correct way to hold'' SYANTO, it will fit your unique way of using it.

Firmly supports “long-term smartphone use”

There are surprisingly many opportunities to use your smartphone for long periods of time, such as watching videos on the train or playing games while waiting.

Nowadays, heavy smartphones have become commonplace, and it is true that holding a smartphone in the same position for a long time puts a lot of strain on your wrists, arms, and neck. In such cases, SYANTO, which has a high degree of freedom of movement, makes it easier to hold your smartphone in any position and in any way you hold it, which ultimately reduces the strain on your body.

You have freedom of movement, so your smartphone won't fall off easily.

For example, a scene where you are holding a smartphone and it hits something and drops it. It's a shock when your high-end smartphone breaks, right?

With SYANTO, even if a shock is transmitted to the hand holding the smartphone, the smartphone will not fly away.

This is because SYANTO is designed to follow any finger movement . You can reduce the risk of dropping your smartphone even in crowded places.

Also, unlike conventional smartphone rings, SYANTO uses a " bottom fulcrum " that supports the smartphone on the bottom, making it more stable when holding the smartphone. Since the weight of the smartphone will be on the bottom (around the charging port) rather than the back of the smartphone, simply attaching SYANTO will make it harder to drop the smartphone.

Stretch your posture to avoid straining your neck and fingers

Have you ever felt strain on your neck from using your smartphone for a long time?
This may be because you are using your smartphone with your head bent and your head down .

An adult's head weighs approximately 4 to 6 kg, and it is said that just by looking down, a load several times the weight of the head is placed on the neck. The strain is not only placed on the neck, but also on the muscles of the shoulders and back, which can lead to physical problems such as neck pain and numbness. That's why you need to consciously lift your smartphone and look at it from a higher perspective, but the higher the perspective, the more strain it will put on your fingers and neck.

SYANTO's bottom fulcrum stabilizes your smartphone, allowing you to hold your smartphone at a higher position . Raising your perspective improves your posture, which reduces the strain on your neck.

In addition, even if you hold your smartphone in a way that puts stress on your fingers, like the so-called "smartphone finger," you can use SYANTO to prevent smartphone fingers from happening without even thinking about it .

Your smartphone feels lighter! Patented technology

Have you ever felt that a smartphone that is thinner and easier to hold is lighter than a smartphone of the same weight? This is because the `` perceived weight '' becomes lighter by changing the position of the center of gravity.

SYANTO has a structure that supports the smartphone using the bottom as a fulcrum, which lowers the center of gravity and allows you to hold your smartphone in a more stable position. As a result, the smartphone is easier to hold and feels lighter. This structure, which was originally devised by SYANTO, has been patented*1.

*1 Patent No. 6467677 Patented in Japan

Outstanding high functionality with a focus on materials

1. Extremely thin, only 0.5mm, yet high strength

In order to prevent your smartphone from being dropped, the smartphone ring must also be strong. The main body sheet of "SYANTO Stand Lite" is extremely thin at approximately 0.5mm , but it does not sacrifice strength.

The mounting base sheet uses a high-strength sheet made of polyester fiber + vinyl chloride to ensure ultra-thinness and high strength.In addition, genuine sheep leather is used for the ring part to ensure a soft touch and strong strength . We ensured ease of use and ease of use .

In addition to its strength against weight, we have also increased its " tear strength " in consideration of various usage environments.

Even if you tear a part of the sheet with scissors and pull it, the sheet will not break.

* Please do not imitate the carry bag (approximately 15 kg) as it is based on the tearing test environment.

*This image is of the previous model's "V-ring", but the "strength" and "tear strength" are the same for this "SYANTO Stand Lite" as it uses the same material. I am.

2. Changed the material of the connection part to prevent fuzzing

One of the many requests for improvement from SYANTO users was that after long-term use, the connections become noticeably fuzzed.

This was caused by SYANTO becoming worn out, and we responded by changing to a more durable material . The shape retention and texture have also been improved, making it possible to continue using it for long periods of time (the right side of the photo is the old material, and the left side is the new improved material).

3. Adopts high-performance transparent urethane resin

The stand part of "SYANTO Stand Lite" uses high-performance transparent urethane resin. It is also called " potting " and is often used for emblems on cars, home appliances, etc.

It is weather resistant, water resistant, durable, luxurious, and has UV protection, so it can withstand long-term use, including in outdoor environments .

Three scenes where SYANTO is useful

1. When you want to free your hands for just a moment

Although we spend a lot of time holding our smartphones in our hands, there are times when we just want to free up our hands for a moment , such as when paying at the register. SYANTO can also be used in such cases. It's a small thing, but it's a very useful functionality.

2. For multitasking situations such as “cooking while cooking”

When you cook while looking at your smartphone in the kitchen, it will be easier to see if you can stand your smartphone. It's also useful when you don't want to leave your smartphone flat in the kitchen where it might get wet.

3. For sudden online meetings

When you suddenly have to attend an online meeting, with SYANTO you can put your smartphone on a stand and quickly go.

The charm of SYANTO still exists

1. Ultra-thin sheet does not interfere with cable charging

Even when charging with a cable, SYANTO's thin design does not obstruct the charging port.

2. Compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe for iPhone 13 and later

SYANTO Stand Lite not only supports wireless charging, but also supports MagSafe for iPhone 13 and later.

3.Inclusive design that anyone can install

To install SYANTO, simply remove your smartphone case, pass it through the charging port, and attach it to your smartphone or case. SYANTO aims for a truly inclusive design that does not exclude any smartphone user. We have tried to make it as easy to understand and as easy to install as possible.

4. Can be reapplied because it is an absorbent material

SYANTO is not an adhesive material, but an adsorption material, so it can be reapplied as many times as you like.

5.Can also be attached to a tablet

SYANTO is also a useful tool for children and people with small hands. In addition, by attaching SYANTO to not only smartphones but also large tablet devices, you can easily operate them with one hand.

Available in 11 colors (8 + 3 limited edition colors)

SYANTO Stand Lite is available in 11 colors (8 + 3 limited edition colors).

(Note) The color of the sheet differs from the photo. This is a black slip processed product.

Installation image

Please choose your favorite color to match the color of your smartphone and cover.
I hope that it will make your smartphone life full of color.

※The photograph is an image. Please note that covers etc. are not included.

This is a domestically produced product made by Japanese craftsmen.

SYANTO is manufactured at a small factory in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo . Each piece is handmade by Japanese craftsmen. This is an idea product born in downtown Tokyo, and we hope everyone will support it.