The keyword is "don't hold"

All bodies are connected. Even when it comes to how you use your smartphone, if you use your hands incorrectly, it will affect your entire body.

Recommended way to hold it

  • Bad:Do not hold

    Squeezing tightly puts pressure on the muscles in the front of your body, making it easier for your body to curl up, which can lead to a hunched back or straight neck.

  • Good: carry it on board

    By holding your smartphone in your hand and just touching it with your fingers, you will be less likely to curl up.

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Recommended operation method

  • Bad: Operate with just your thumb

    If you grip it too tightly, your hands are fixed and you have to use only your thumb to operate it, which can lead to tendonitis.

  • Good: Operate with whole hand & smartphone is standing

    You can reduce the strain on your entire hand by adjusting the angle with your index and middle fingers instead of just using your thumb.

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  • Bad: Smartphone is sleeping

    When your smartphone is sleeping, your neck will drop and your posture will curl up when you try to look into it. It can also cause a hunched back or straight neck.

  • Good: Smartphone is standing

    By holding your smartphone upright, your neck will also stand up, creating a beautiful posture. SYANTO is designed with a bottom support mechanism that allows the smartphone to stand up easily.

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Recommended removal method

  • Bad: Grab your smartphone

    If you grab your smartphone and try to take it out, it may get caught in your pocket, or it may slip and cause you to fall.

  • Good: pinch the ring

    The badge part is always sticking out of your pocket, so if you pinch it and take it out, you won't have to worry about dropping it even if it gets caught on something.

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