Entry No.49 Memo colander! Nozoeta Kafumi SYANTO Style

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Product spec

product name
SYANTO Stand Lite
Product details
Smartphone stand/ring
product size
Length 70(mm) x Width 60(mm) x Thickness 5(mm)
product weight
Approximately 12g
Badge section: transparent urethane resin

Seat base: Genuine leather, vinyl chloride + polyester fiber

tear strength

Vertical 239N Horizontal 195N JISL1096A method

Seat base: approx. 0.6mm
Adhesive material

Adsorption type removable tape

*Since it is an adsorption type, it may not adsorb if the adhesive surface is uneven.

installation method

  • Available
    • Smartphone: smooth back
    • Case: Shape: One or more holes in the charging port Material: Silicone, soft case
  • Usage prohibited:
    • Smartphone: Matte finish, textured back
    • Case: Shape: No charging port hole Material: Hard case


  • Please use it by placing it between your smartphone and the cover.
  • We cannot guarantee attachment to covers other than those listed below, so please check carefully. Please note that even if this is possible, the case may float due to the 0.6mm thick sheet being inserted.
  • We cannot take responsibility for damage or malfunction of smartphones that are dropped due to SYANTO.


Date of shipment

Ships next business day

shipping method

Japan Post regular mail, post mail


Free nationwide

method of payment

Bank transfer, credit card, pay system (see bottom of page for details)

Specified delivery date

Cannot be specified

Change delivery address

Cannot be changed after input is completed


If the package is unopened within 10 days, we will refund the shipping costs at the customer's expense.

In case of defective product

Please report the defect situation to the LINE link below along with a photo. We will respond as soon as we confirm.


No contact after ordering/payment

There is a possibility that the email address you registered at the time of ordering is incorrect, or it may have gone into your spam folder.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check it yourself.

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character name

Memo colander!

"Memo Zaru" is a curious monkey who has the habit of taking notes on various memories and records. 🐵✍
It also has the ability to change color depending on your mood that day or what you touch!

Her special skill is “teaching trivia”!
I love teaching everyone the trivia that I memorize by taking notes on a daily basis!

My favorite food is “banana”!
How to eat and grow bananas deliciously
I know a lot of trivia about bananas.

I will be active a lot from now on,
I would be happy if you could support me ✨
Thank you for your support! !

creator name

Nozoeta Kafumi

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, raised in Kumamoto Prefecture, lives in Kumamoto Prefecture

I create illustrations and manga as a personal activity.

He is good at creating characters that are loved by a wide range of generations.
Original character “Memo Zaru! ” has begun production and operation.

Website: https://www.nozotown.com/

Creator details

detail of function

This product has the same specifications as "SYANTO Stand Lite".

"Future smartphone operation is here."

Please refer to the following for details of the innovative smartphone ring with the catchphrase.

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