NYANTO smartphone stand ring

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Product spec

Product spec

product name
Product details
Smartphone stand/ring
product size
Base: Length 166(mm) x Width 45(mm) x Thickness 5(mm)
Fur: ​​100(mm) x 100(mm) x 100(mm)
product weight
about 30g
Ring part: Cowhide (black)
Fur: ​​brown fake fur (eco-fur) (polyester)
Seat base: vinyl chloride + polyester fiber
tear strength

Vertical 239N Horizontal 195N JISL1096A method

Seat base part: about 0.4mm
Adhesive material

Adsorption type removable tape

* Since it is an adsorption type, it may not be adsorbed if there are unevenness on the adhesive surface.

Fabric faux fur construction made to resemble natural fur using synthetic fibres.

faux fur

faux fur
*Actually, the hair is denser. Illustrations are simplified to make the structure easier to understand.

The basic structure of faux fur is actually similar to terry cloth, velor material and corduroy.
The structure of the base fabric is pile weave or pile knitting , and the loop pile is cut open and raised to make it look like fur. In addition, the cut pile thread is divided into long and short sections to imitate the feel of stabbed hair and fluff, and the dyed and printed color schemes are changed to adopt fur that resembles the fur of various animals.

installation method

  • 使用可能
    • スマートフォン:滑らかな背面
    • ケース:形状:充電口に1つ以上穴のあるもの
  • 使用不可:
    • スマートフォン:マット加工、質感の高い背面
    • ケース:形状:充電口の穴がないもの


  • スマホとカバーの間に挟んでご利用ください。
  • 下記以外のカバーへの取り付けは保証できませんので、よくご確認ください。対応可能の場合も厚さ0.6mmのシートを挟み込むため、ケースが浮く場合がありますのでご了承ください。
  • SYANTOが原因で落下したスマホの損傷・故障には対応致しかねます。
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    Just like a cat. But that's not all.

    The ultimate smartphone stand ring that combines comfort and convenience

    Useful in everyday life

    0 second stand function

    A stand function that you want when you want to watch videos or browse SNS. Just place NYANTO on it and it will turn into a stand in 0 seconds.

    No need to worry anymore

    Easy to grab and won't drop

    The most common cause of smartphones falling is when you take them out or when your hand slips. With NYANTO, the badge part is always visible, so you don't have to worry about dropping it.


    I won't give up on cuteness

    One point for everyday life

    The most distinctive feature of NYANTO is its "cat's tail." Just hanging it from your bag or backpack can be a stylish addition. You can easily find out where it is, so you don't have to worry about searching for your smartphone.

    Never drop it.

    • Even when on the phone

    • Even when shooting

    • Even when carrying around

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    Can be used as is

    Back free design

    NYANTO is designed so that it does not obstruct the back at all, so you can charge it on the back and attach it to a car navigation system or bicycle without having to remove it.




    amazing technology

    My smartphone feels light

    By moving the center of gravity from the back to the bottom, the force acting on the smartphone changes, making the smartphone feel lighter. Please experience the amazing effect.


    Gentle on your fingers

    Cuteness × High functionality

    By using only soft materials, you can expect the effect of protecting your fingers without putting stress on them. Please experience the overwhelming functional beauty that pursues cuteness and functionality.

    The model doesn't matter

    Choose any cover

    NYANTO can be installed as long as there is a hole for the charging port. It can be attached to any cover, whether it is notebook type or not.