SYANTO Catch O smartphone stand ring internal attachment

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Product spec

product name
Product details
smartphone ring
product size
Length 104(mm) x Width 45(mm) x Thickness 5(mm)
product weight
Approximately 10g

Badge part: Cowhide
Seat base: Vinyl chloride + polyester fiber

tear strength

Vertical 239N Horizontal 195N JISL1096A method


Seat base: approx. 0.4mm

Adhesive material

Adsorption type removable tape

*Since it is an adsorption type, it may not adsorb if the adhesive surface is uneven.


  • Available
    • Smartphone: smooth back
    • Case: Shape: One or more holes in the charging port Material: Silicone, soft case
  • Usage prohibited:
    • Smartphone: Matte finish, textured back
    • Case: Shape: No charging port hole Material: Hard case


  • Please use it by placing it between your smartphone and the cover.
  • We cannot guarantee attachment to covers other than those listed below, so please check carefully. Please note that even if this is possible, the case may float due to the 0.6mm thick sheet being inserted.
  • We cannot take responsibility for damage or malfunction of smartphones that are dropped due to SYANTO.


Date of shipment

Ships next business day

shipping method

Japan Post regular mail, post mail


Free nationwide

method of payment

Bank transfer, credit card, pay system (see bottom of page for details)

Specified delivery date

Cannot be specified

Change delivery address

Cannot be changed after input is completed


If the package is unopened within 10 days, we will refund the shipping costs at the customer's expense.

In case of defective product

Please report the defect situation to the LINE link below along with a photo. We will respond as soon as we confirm.

No contact after ordering/payment

There is a possibility that the email address you registered at the time of ordering is incorrect, or it may have gone into your spam folder.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check it yourself.

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The ultimate sense of unity. A new hold experience.

A new standard for smartphone rings that fits in your hand without having to hold it

A new hold experience

Pinch = don't drop

By holding the SYANTO badge between your fingers, you can naturally hold your smartphone without having to put any pressure on your fingers, greatly reducing the possibility of dropping your smartphone.

I'm not scared anymore

selfie grip

When you try to take a selfie by holding it away from your body, you're always afraid of dropping it. With SYANTO, the grip is extremely stable and you can use the camera with confidence.


Gentle on your fingers

Luxurious design

By using only soft materials, you can expect the effect of protecting your fingers without putting stress on them. Please experience the overwhelming functional beauty that pursues luxury and functionality.

Never drop it.

  • Even when answering the phone

  • Even when operating a smartphone

  • Even when carrying around

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Can be used as is

Back free design

SYANTO is designed so that it does not interfere with the back at all, so you can charge it on the back and attach it to a car navigation system or bicycle without having to remove it.

fully calculated

Does not interfere with charging

SYANTO is installed by inserting it into the charging port, and we are particular about its thinness so that it does not interfere with cord charging. You can quickly charge it even when it is attached.

ergonomic smartphone ring

My smartphone feels light

By being able to hold your smartphone without having to hold it, the tension in your hands will be reduced and you will be able to hold your smartphone more comfortably. Also, the center of gravity changes, making the smartphone feel lighter.


inherited genes

Ring function that improves posture

The ring function that "raises your posture" has been inherited as SYANTO's DNA. It makes it easier to hold your smartphone vertically, and using your little finger can have a positive effect on your posture.

Recommended way to hold it

The model doesn't matter

Choose any cover

SYANTO Catch can be installed as long as there is a hole for the charging port. It can be attached to any cover, whether it is notebook type or not.

installation method

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