The reason why the SYANTO smartphone ring shunts your posture and neck

The reason why the SYANTO smartphone ring shunts your posture and neck

As you can see from the graph, at the Akebi movement school, many people were able to feel changes in posture by using the SYANTO smartphone ring.

Now, I will introduce what is the reason why using SYANTO improves your posture.

Reason 1 Screen angle

If you operate your smartphone while the screen is not horizontal, your neck will drop and you will lean forward.

As a result, the burden on the neck and shoulders increases, resulting in postural distortion and pain.

However, by using SYANTO's smartphone ring, you can operate while keeping the smartphone screen horizontal.

In this way, when the angle of the screen stands, the posture rises and the neck is also shunted.

Also, since the angle of the screen and the angle of the neck are proportional, using SYANTO will naturally improve your posture and allow you to operate your smartphone.

Reason 2: I don't get it

When you hold and hold your smartphone, your posture naturally curls up.

A rounded posture increases the strain on your neck and shoulders.

However, if you use SYANTO , you can hold your smartphone without holding it, and your neck and posture will be shunt.

reason 3 little finger

The pinky finger and the back are connected by a muscle called a “pathway”.

If you don't use your little finger much and support a heavy smartphone on your shoulder, the burden on your shoulders and neck will increase.

However, SYANTO, which uses the little finger to support, can reduce the burden on the neck and back, so you can naturally shunt your posture.

SYANTO can solve physical problems with smartphones

In addition, SYANTO can reduce the burden on the body caused by long-term smartphone operation, and solve the problems that have been bothering the body for many years.

★Solving physical problems with smartphones with smartphones

By using SYANTO, you can improve your posture from normal smartphone operations for body distortion caused by smartphone necks and straight necks.

* It becomes difficult to become a scorching flame

If you hold your smartphone and continue to operate it with force, there is a high possibility that a flame will occur.

However, SYANTO allows you to "hold" your smartphone without gripping it, so you can reduce the risk of getting flames.

★Prevent little finger disorder (dent/deformation)

Isn't there someone who usually feels pain and numbness from using a smartphone for a long time?

This pain and numbness may come from a little finger disorder called " text thumb injury ", which is an injury caused by the way you hold your smartphone.

In order to reduce the burden on the little finger, SYANTO has a universal design that enables a way to hold the little finger without straining it.

* Improving child's posture

Smartphones are big and heavy for children , just as adults feel heavy when they hold a tablet all the time .

If you operate your smartphone with such a bad posture, you may grow up with a distorted posture during the important period of growth.

However, SYANTO not only improves posture, but also has a function to disperse the weight of heavy devices , so that children can feel light when using smartphones.

★Improve posture and mind

Posture and mind are related, so if you continue to operate your smartphone with a bad posture, your body will gradually curl up.

When the body curls up, the mind also becomes an inward-looking mind.

If possible, I would like to maintain the outward posture when I wake up and do activities during the day with an outward mind.

SYANTO corrects your posture so you can go about your day with an outward attitude and mindset.

★Relaxation effect

If you hold and operate your smartphone, the tension in your hands will spread throughout your body and you will not be able to relax.

The SYANTO seat ring, which you can put on and hold, allows you to relax and operate your smartphone without having to hold it.

★ Concentration (work/study) improves

When you hold your smartphone in your hand, you will naturally feel the force, and you will end up concentrating on your smartphone for a long time.

You can hold the SYANTO without holding it, so you can concentrate on your work and study without being absorbed in your smartphone.

★Improve exercise performance

Exercise performance requires concentration and endurance, and movements that use the back in particular are considered important in increasing endurance.

Syanto uses your little finger to move your back to operate your smartphone, so you can improve your exercise performance.

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